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15th April 2014

Update on Hawthorn Leslie 0-6-0ST 3837

The future of 0-6-0ST Hawthorn Leslie 3837 is looking just that little bit brighter as work on the static saddle tank has picked up pace including a preliminary inspection of her current boiler which is till sat in the frames.

The report from the boiler inspector showed signs of promise as the boiler itself seems to be in a relatively good condition, having said that the inspection was carried out with an ultra sound whilst the boiler lay in the frames, the full inspection can be carried out once the boiler is lifted therefore the inspector can assess all the boiler from tip to toe. There is a full boiler report from the inspector which will be available for the Hawthorn Leslie 3837 preservation society, the details of the exam can be found in this document showing where the positives and negatives will be.

3837 is currently residing in the railway car park at the moment with access available to the engine on the society open days giving you the chance to have a look around the footplate.

The society are currently looking for volunteers and members to help boost their fundraising efforts, any help would be grateful and the thought of one day seeing 3837 in steam at Isfield station is no longer looking to be a dream but more of a reality.

For more information on 3837 and her history please visit the society’s website, any help or fundraising schemes towards the loco please contact the society’s chairman as featured on the contact page.