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Lavender Line News

13th August 2014

 Lavender Line Annual Diesel Gala this coming weekend

It’s now less than a week to go now until the Lavender Lines annual Diesel Gala kicks off as we celebrate all things Diesel with the home fleet taking centre stage.

There’s plenty happening on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th August with up to 4 Diesels in action over both days and a timetable more intensive than seen before. The day will begin with an early bird Thumper service departing platform 2 which will be supporting the ‘Not the Last Thump’ celebration that marks 10 years since the final Thumpers were withdrawn from network rail.

We are also celebrating the return to service of 0-4-0DM Andrew Barclay 805 of 1941, this loco has been under overhaul for over 15 years and she is finally set to show off her beautiful Green livery finished in classic wasp strips. She will be carrying out services throughout the day from platform 1 so why not come and enjoy a few trips behind this former War horse.

Highlights of the Gala:

• Up to 4 Diesels in operation including- 0-4-0DH Ruston Valiant, 0-4-0DM Andrew Barclay, Wickham Railbus and DEMU Thumper unit 1133 with 0-4-0DM Planet on display in the station

• Intensive two train timetable from both Platforms

• Cab rides from the Dock platform to the sheds with 0-6-0DH Valiant

• Riley’s miniature railway with an intensive timetable

• Great photographic shots from both Isfield yard and Worth halt

• Unlimited train rides throughout the day

Timetables for both Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th August:

Locos- Thumper 1133

Andrew Barclay

Ruston (Brake van rides)

Wickham Railbus

All services shown depart from Isfield, departures from Worth halt will be at 15 mins and 45 mins past the hour.

10.00- Thumper (Platform 2)

10.30- Andrew Barclay and 108 (Platform 1)

11.00-Thumper (Platform 2)

11.30- Railbus (Platform 1)

12.00- Thumper (Platform 2)

12.30- Andrew Barclay and 108(Platform 1)

13.00- Thumper (Platform 2)

13.30- Railbus (Platform 1)

14.00- Thumper (Platform 2)

14.30- Andrew Barclay and 108 (Platform 1)

15.00- Thumper (Platform 2)

15.30- Railbus (Platform 1)

16.00-Thumper (Platform 2)

16.30- Andrew Barclay and 108 (Platform 1)

17.00- Thumper (Platform 2) Last round trip

Cab rides from the Dock platform to the shed:

On both Saturday and Sunday our resident diesel shunter 0-6-0DH Ruston Valiant of 1962 will be carrying out cab rides from the Dock platform into the shed on road 1, this is a great opportunity to see inside the engine shed where our locos are kept and ride along tracks never usually ridden by passengers. Although this is all part of the ticket price a small donation of your choice is much appreciated to keep these beautiful work horses going.

This is going to be one of the most intensive Galas ever undertaken at the Lavender Line, with all platforms in use, intensive timetables and plenty of blue smoke this is a Diesel Gala for both the industrial and mainline enthusiast. Keep an eye out on our Lavender Line Loco department Facebook page for more updates in the week and the exciting weekend we have in store.