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Lavender Line News

16th October 2014

New Diesel Arrival Class 09 09025

On Friday 10th October the Lavender Line took company of a new Diesel shunter in the shape of 0-6-0DE ex BR Class 09 number 09025. This extremely powerful and smooth Diesel Electric loco was built in 1962 at the Horwich Locomotive works as a slow speed heavy shunter for stock and wagon movement.

09025 has been brought by both the railway and two Lavender Line society members as an asset to the loco fleet. She is equipped with both air brakes and vacuum brakes which makes it the ideal engine for hauling our normal rolling stock as well as our goods set. The 09 will be placed straight into service once a full fit to run inspection has take place to ensure she is safe to work passenger trains. The 09 joins the Ruston, Andrew Barclay 805 and Planet as Part of the railways home diesel fleet. She will be in use on both passenger services, stock shunting and Goods train specials next year which will be making a return to the railway.

Short history of 09025

Class 09 09025 was built in Horwich, Lancashire in 1962 and entered traffic at Longsight Manchester shed where she was number D4113. She continued to work on the London Midland region and later moved onto Allerton near Liverpool until 1973 where she was transferred to the Western area around Bristol Bath Road. It was at this point D4113 was renumbered to the new BR coding of 09025.

09025 did not remain in the Western areas for very long and within three years she was transferred to the Eastleigh sheds on the Southern region going to and from Bournemouth sheds until 1992. It has been understood that after this point she was transferred to Selhurst depot and then onto Brighton sheds as pilot shunter.

Power Plant: English Electric 6KT 6 cylinder 4 stroke Diesel engine

Power: 400HP at 680rpm

Traction motors: Two English Electric 506, nose suspended with double reduction gearing

Maximum tractive effort 25,000lbs at 22.8% adhesion

Maximum speed: 27.5mph when new (10mph at Lavender Line)