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Lavender Line News

30th October 2015

Thumper 1133 returns home to Isfield

The Lavender Line’s resident DEMU Thumper 1133 has finally returned home after what has been an adventurous summer. 1133 has spent the past 5 months on a Kent holiday at the nearby Spa Valley Railway in Tunbridge Wells. In June of this year she made Thumper history as the first DEMU unit to visit another in preservation, giving the Spa the opportunity to reunite their Thumper 1317 with 1133 in what was a fantastic celebration of all things Thumper during their 30th anniversary since closure Gala.

Due to the ongoing road works which has been taking place along the A26 near Tunbridge Wells, a decision was made to keep 1133 on an extension hire agreement until October as the gauging along the A26 was deemed too tight to fit the lorry through, the only feasible alternative was to keep her at the Spa until the road works were completed. This gave the Spa Valley the opportunity to run 1133 alongside 1317 one last time on the weekend of 24th and 25th October where they hosted their 5th Annual Beer/ Cider and Diesel Gala, proving to be another great success.

Now that 1133 is safely home and tucked up in the shed, we would like to take this opportunity to Thank the Spa Valley Railway for their hospitality, kindness and allowing 1133 to be apart of preservation history. A huge thank you to our CME and Thumper specialist Chris, who has spent countless hours ensuring “33” has been fit and ready for duty on every occasion at the Spa, she never missed a beat!

A massive thank you to Jonnie Wesson of the Spa Valley railway and all the staff and volunteers at the Spa who helped make this dream become a reality. The Lavender Line has worked with the Spa as two preserved railways should, and long may it continue.

1133 is now receiving some minor work before she is set for an winter running duties, keep an eye out for more updates on 1133 and when she is operating next.