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November 14th

Pipeline plans for station at Little Horsted

The Lavender Line preservation society has been discussing if building a new station at the railways current terminus at Little Horsted is a feasible option. At this current point in time the committee members are exploring ways in which we could build and sustain a station at Little Horsted.

The plan is to build a new ‘halt’ style station at the end of the line which will enable passengers to alight and enjoy the beautiful Sussex views and the peace and quiet of the open countryside. Our very own chairman is at the spearhead of this plan with virtual diagrams and pictures already being drawn up at committee meetings.


There are a number of problems in carrying out this ambitious idea, such as building costs, fencing and the problem that the new station would be situated over a mile away from the railways headquarters which could make transporting materials to and from the end of the line difficult. But compared with the advantages these problems could soon be ironed out, passengers could alight at the end of the line for the first time and passengers could enjoy a new picnic area fenced off alongside the railway line.

2012 is certainly going to be a very exciting time for the Lavender line, with new special events being planned and pipeline plans for a new station at Little Horsted there is much to get involved in.


If you feel as thought you would like to donate any money no matter how little to this new project please contact us via our ‘Contact’ form. Or if you feel as though you would like to help out towards this new project or any of our other projects please visit us or contact us to find out more. We love to see new faces and everyone is welcome to the Lavender line.