The Lavender Line
Isfield Station
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East Sussex
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Lavender Line News

March 1st

Work continues on ‘Worth halt’

Work is steadily continuing on the new station ‘Worth halt’ with 90% of the platform complete. The dedicated Wednesday gang have put in countless hours of work towards the new halt over the past 8 weeks with very promising signs on the horizon. Thanks to the clear dry weather we have experienced over the past 2 months our hard working volunteers have managed to build the new halt from scratch and already begun laying the fencing necessary to ensure the halt is safe to public use.

So far the platform itself is complete with only weather proofing and anti slip paint required to finish it off, the real test is the new fence line which needs to be laid alongside the railway for just under a quarter of a mile to the public footpath at the crossing. This is no means a difficult task for our skilled team but it’s a lengthy process. On Wednesday 29th February the fence line was extended from the platform edge to the first river bridge where the area has been cleared ready to plan the new picnic areas. This will allow you to enjoy a train ride to ‘Worth halt’, alight at the station and enjoy a picnic in the beautiful open countryside. Little Horsted is a beautiful location, home to many different varieties of wildlife and plant life this can really be a peaceful and tranquil place to visit.

The next phase of the Worth halt project is the laying and clearing of the fence line from the South end of the platform to the public footpath at the crossing. This will be the longest part of the project to carry out but with the dedicated group who carry out the work on Wednesdays they are confident the task won’t take long. After the fence line has been laid there are plans to bring a number of picnic tables to the halt and have the situated in a picnic area by the riverside. The final phase of the project will be to ensure the platform is safe for passenger use, for example anti slip paint must be used for the weather proofing of the station.

There are early indications that the new station will be open for the public by late spring/ early summer. Once we have finalised a date an open day for the new halt will be held with a steam service, the first station to open on the Uckfield to Lewes line is over 140 years is going to be quite something! As soon as a date is set we will be advertising it on the website, so watch this space.

Why not pay us a visit on out first steam day of the year, Sunday 25th march will be the first formal public steam day of the year and we will be kicking it off this year with a good train special. Enjoy a day of unlimited train rides behind our resident steam engine ‘Austin 1’ and ride in our unique Toad brake van. You will be able to see how the new halt is coming along for yourself and find out more about this new and exciting project.