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Lavender Line News

April 13th

Progress update on Worth halt

We are pleased to report that the railways latest project is coming along very well, Worth halt has undergone more work over the past few weeks with the station now starting to look like a real feature in the Parish of Little Horsted. The new halt is currently in the final stages of completion although there is still work to be done. The current phase of construction is the undercoat preserve which our dedicated members applied last week, this will give the exposed wood a chance to soak in the paint and prevent any water damage to the naked wood.

The other phase currently on the go is the extension of the fence line from the halt to the public foot crossing, this is nearly quarter of a mile long a therefore is going to take the longest to complete, but nevertheless our team of permanent way, painters, builders and carpenters are giving everything into this project to ensure the Lavender line has a terminus at Little Horsted. The majority of the fence line is going to be made up of cut up rail, this is not only a very strong material to use as a fence post but it also utilises the old spare rail we have lying around. Once the fence is completed plans will be made to level out the new picnic areas and ensure the area is safe for public use when the station is opened.

Our permanent way team have also spent time cutting down a number of trees overhanging the current boundary beside the river Uck, this will allow you to enjoy more views of the river as it meanders its way through the countryside. There will also be a viewing area where you can physically see the original bridge that crosses the river Uck, although the bridge looks in a bad state it is cosmetic and it’s the Lavender lines goal to one day cross that river and work its way towards the Uckfield bypass.

The station is due to open by the summer and there are already plans in place to hold a special open day to celebrate the opening of Worth halt, once this date has been announced we will advertise this on the website, Austin 1 will be in steam along with dignitaries to kick of the celebrations. A new timetable will also commence when the new halt is opened, this is to ensure regular timed trains depart and arrive at Isfield and Worth halt at the correct times. Although the halt is not yet open to the public you can check out its progress, why not pay a visit on our next open days and see how the halt is coming along, there is an off peak diesel service on Good Friday and a full steam service on Easter Sunday and Monday.