The Lavender Line
Isfield Station
Nr Uckfield
East Sussex
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Lavender Line News

June 3rd

Steam only running on Monday 4th June over jubilee weekend

Our resident toad brake van which has spent the past 28 years at the Lavender line has finally had the full cosmetic overhaul it deserves. It’s been 9 years since the toad was last in for an overhaul where she was repainted and received a new safety feature and over the past few months the Wednesday gang have finally finished the job which was started just over a year ago.

The brake van has been in much need to some TLC for many years and as it is the most popular vehicle to be used on the railway its been a necessary for it to receive a good overhaul. She now stands in full great Western grey with GW painted in white on the sides.

This overhaul has been an ongoing project for the past 18 months, this was due to the amount of use it has and the man power of restoring her and with projects such as the new halt and our tanker being restored it has been difficult to find the time to complete certain projects, but nevertheless its now starting to look something of its former glory and we all look forward to seeing it back in full traffic where it can be seen joined to one of our goods trains or commonly used with Clive Groom when he is conducting one of his famous footplate courses.

There a few minor details to finish off with the brake van over the oncoming weeks but it does look like she is well on the road to a full restoration.