The Lavender Line
Isfield Station
Nr Uckfield
East Sussex
TN22 5XB

Lavender Line News

July 20th

Additional special event: August Bank holiday Monday steam and Thumper specials

We are very excited to announce that we are holding an additional special event on the August bank holiday Monday. Hot on the heels of the diesel gala which was held at the beginning of the month we have taken the decision to combine both steam and diesel for one day only which will include our resident steam engine Austin 1 and our resident Thumper unit 1133 who are joining forces to bring you a two train service over the bank holiday Monday. Thumper Unit 1133 is coming to the end of its overhaul which has been an on going project over the past 6 years and after many hundreds of hours of painstaking work by our dedicated volunteers 1133 is well on the way to becoming one of the best looking thumper units in the country.

After the success in the diesel gala of running a two train service we have decided to replicate that and run both steam and diesel from both platform 1 and platform 2. Summer is finally on its way and with the opportunity to see our resident steam engine running alongside our Thumper unit 1133 will truly be a very special day, combine this with an intensive half hourly service and great photography spots from Worth halt this really is going to be a day for everyone. Thumpers are well known across the south east and Isfield station was once part of the former stamping grounds of the thumpers from Lewes to London. These DEMU units ran on the Uckfield line right up until 2004 when they were withdrawn from service after 44 years of service and clocking up over 2 million miles.

The likely plan for the day will be thumper 1133 departing from platform 2 every hour with Austin 1 departing platform 1 every hour, trains will be running every half an hour from 10.30 till 4.30 and normal prices will apply.

Why not take advantage of this beautiful weathers that’s forecast for the rest of summer by taking a trip down to the lavender line, we will be running steam on Sunday 26th August as well as the bank holiday Monday where a two train service will be in operation. Our new station at Little horsted Worth halt will also be open for all visitors where you can alight and take a leisurely stroll on the highlighted footpaths in the surrounding woodlands.