The Lavender Line
Isfield Station
Nr Uckfield
East Sussex
TN22 5XB

Lavender Line News

August 5th

Track refurbishment

Over the past year our very own membership secretary and permanent way manager Barry Monk has been over seeing one of the larger projects that has been taking place at Isfield. The wooden sleepers that form the foundations of the line from the old farm crossing to the new public crossing have not been replaced since David Milham owned the site 20 years ago.



Barry with his permanent way team have gradually been replacing sections of track from the old crossing down past the distant signal to ensure that the track and its foundations is at the right standards to carry public trains. Over the past few months Barry’s team has concentrated on 3 working days during the week which will allow public trains to carry on at the weekends. These new panels which have been laid, straightened and packed are now in place ready for use, this has greatly improved the rough ride through the cutting which will enable the trains to run more smoothly.


The used panels from the main running line have been placed on the old track bed ready to be connected to the second running line, this will enable the extension of the second line to carry on and allow the railways freight stock to be shunted past the shed to the old farm crossing. 


If you would like to donate either your time or money towards these track refurbishments please contact:Barry Monk at