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Lavender Line News

30th January 2013

New For 2013 Woodland Walks From Worth Halt

We are very pleased to announce a new addition to our attractions at the Lavender line for 2013. Our new woodland walks are available all year round from the depth of winter to the heights of summer.

With the opening of our new station Worth halt we are now able to offer some very beautiful walks that link up Worth halt and Isfield station. We are extremely lucky at the Lavender line to have so much beautiful countryside around us; this gives you the opportunity to see a variety of wild animals that include birds of prey, deer, foxes and even otters! We now have a selection of picnic benches at Worth halt that are parallel to the railway, on a sunny spring day it’s the perfect way to unwind and relax amongst the wildlife of Little Horsted.


There are a number of walks available from Worth halt, the first is a free for all walk that involves a walk in and around Worth woods. This gives you the opportunity to explore the local woodland whilst not venturing too far from the station. All the public footpaths are clearly marked and are even sign posted at the public foot crossing that crosses the railway. If you go over the railway you head towards Little Horsted Place and eventually takes you to the main road near the A26. If you don’t cross the line and follow the public footpath it takes you towards Old Isfield Village which is where Isfield originates from before the railway arrived.

The other walk available from Worth halt is one for the passionate walker. Simply purchase your ticket from Isfield station and catch the train to Worth halt with the map provided below, this map is also available in our leaflet. This walk can take between an hour/ hour half and takes you through some very beautiful peaceful countryside that allows you to take in what natural beauty Sussex has to offer. Keep an eye out on this walk for some historic areas, for example when you arrive in Old Isfield you will notice the 18th century water mill located on the outskirts of Isfield. If you walk a few hundred yards up from the Mill you will also notice a stone building called an animal pen, this 16th century building use to hold escaped farm animals, the animals were kept for a certain amount of time before fines were given to the farmers. On your return journey to Isfield station you will also cross meadows and streams before rejoining the Lavender lines perimeter and crossing the line on the over bridge back to Isfield station.

Why not take advantage of these fantastic walks we have to offer and enjoy a day out behind on one of our trains then take a leisurely walk through the countryside before returning to Isfield station either by foot or train. How about a hearty lunch at Cinder buffet located at Isfield station followed by a pint next door at the family friendly Laughing fish pub. The perfect Sunday! nbsp;