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Lavender Line News

8th April 2013

Ruston ‘Valiant’ Back In Service

The railways very own diesel hydraulic shunter ‘Valiant’ is back in service after a short period out of traffic due to some trouble with the starter motor.

The Ruston joined the railways fleet back in 2008 and had made quite an impression ever since. Very power, smooth and user friendly this diesel has proven her keep at the Lavender line by providing a consistent reliable service over the past 5 years. But like all things mechanical she had suffered a set back wither her starter gear and was taken out of traffic for a number of weeks. This left the railway with just one working shunter ‘Planet’ and the Wickham railbus which was due to be withdrawn temporally due to minor work. However this did give an opportunity for the railways privately owned diesel mechanical shunter Andrew Barclay to venture out of the shed and take control of a passenger service. She proved to be reliable and very popular with staff and passengers, most noticeably due to the whistle and the quietness of her engine.

The Ruston is now back to normal diesel duties after receiving some attention to her starter motor which had failed the previous week. Our dedicated workshop team set about with no time to spare and spend several hours rebuilding the starter motor and ensuring that the problem won’t happen again.

Valiant will be sharing the diesel turns throughout the year with the Wickham railbus; she will also be starring in the railways diesel gala on July 6th and 7th where she will find herself amongst the railways fleet of diesel including our thumper unit 1133, Wickham railbus, Andrew Barclay and ‘Planet’. This is looking to become another cracking gala weekend at the Lavender line so don’t miss the opportunity to see all these diesels working together in forming an intensive timetable.